What are immigration & other consequences if someone takes a plea of 653.22 no contest, in order to get 647(b) count dismissed?


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Citation for 647(b) CA PC Solicitation in an online sting. As soon as knock on the hotel door; police cited. After pre-trial, offer is: plead no contest to count II 653.22 (loitering in a place where prostitution has occurred) , so that count I 647(b) (soliciting prostitution) would be dismissed. Sentencing: 1 yr court probation; fine $250; submit confidential HIV report; 

What are the immigration (currently permanent resident), employment and other consequences of taking the plea? Considering seeking immigration attorney and going to trail with a different representation. If go to trial and loose, are the immigration and other consequences significantly worst? Are the risk/rewards worth going to trial? 
Appreciate your expert answers.



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