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My Birth Cert is not issued after my birth. I recently contacted the resp authorities in india and got one issued. But on the cert, it says it has been registered with date in 2010.

would this create a problem while applying for I 485? I am under EB2 India.

Please advice.


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Originally posted by manojmails:

No it will not create any problem. A Birth certificate isa Birth matter when it is issued.

I filed my 485 in Jul 2007 fiasco with a birth certificate creation date of Jun 2007. Didn't find any problem.

Yes additional documentation may help.

I disagree. manojmails' case may be an anomaly.

My father received an RFE wrt his birth date and he was asked very clearly for a birth certificate with a registration date within 1 year (or it may have been 3 years, can't remember now) of his date. In response to our query on the matter, they clarified that the issue date can be beyond the 1 year, but the registration date had to be within 1 year of birth. If you were born in a hospital in India and if the hospital still exists, the hospital's records will have a registration date as the date of your birth, so your local municipal authority should be able to issue you a birth certificate now with the original registration date. If you were born at home (like my father was), they will instead issue you with a NABC (non availability of birth certificate) document, which will suffice for the USCIS as long as you submit supplemental documents (2 affidavit's in my father's case - they asked for 3 but my dad's 72 and he only has two living relatives older than he is).

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Thank you all for the reply.

I heard such a thing before, so i asked. I will try to get affidavits from my father and mother.

we contacted the hospital and there is no record.

we filied all the related docs and got my birth cert only to have registration date in 2010.

Is there any standard way to get affidavits.


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