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HI All,

I have a doubt. Mines is a fresh H1B I came in Jan it has been two months My Employer haven't found me any project till know.

while i was not in project my employer paid me differed pay roll for 15 days. Got one pay slip.

Due to personal emergency i am planning to travel back to India. Not sure when i will be returning Back.

What my employer can do ? Will he harm me in any ways ?

Can i transfer my visa to another Employer when in india? 

Please Please kindly advice. ASAP.


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Yes you can transfer your H1b when you are in India.

If you were in USA on H1b and didn't get paid as per LCA, you were out of status. As per law, you employer should have paid you as per LCA in all pay cycles.

In order to fix this, register a complain against your employer by filing WH4 on your state's DOL site. Once you complain, DOL will make your employer to pay you all missing payments. 

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