Eligibility for EB2 with a 3 years Bachelor's and MBA from India


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I have a question regarding eligibility for EB2. 
I am working in the US on a H1-B. My firm is starting the green card process for me starting with the PERM process and is assessing whether I can file under EB2. There is some confusion on that due to my academics. Here is the situation:
- I obtained a 3 year Bachelor's degree in Science from IIT Kharagpur in India. I have the degree certificate and the transcript. 
- I did a 4th year as well towards a Master's in the same institute but didn't complete the 5th and don't have a Master's therefore. I do have a transcript showing the completion of 4th year. Not sure if this is relevant but thought I would mention it.
- I then did a MBA (post graduate diploma in management) from IIM Ahmedabad in India. 
The educational requirement for my role is a Bachelor's degree. 
My firm hired an external agency for academic evaluation and their feedback is that my bachelor's degree and master's diploma combined are equivalent to a 4 year bachelor's degree in the US. This however is applicable only for H1-B and not for EB2. For EB2, I need to have a 'single degree equivalency' (i.e. my Bachelor’s should yield a standalone equivalency to a US Bachelor’s or my Master’s should yield a standalone equivalency to a US Master’s) and therefore I am not eligible for EB2. 
Is this true?
Thank you so much for your response in advance! 
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There are two points you have to focus 


1) Are you eligible to EB2 as per your education?




Ans)   Bachelor's degree in Science + MBA == USA Bachelor's degree .

 Generally for Eb2 category needs US degree + 5 years of relevant experience  


2)What is minimum educational requirement for your current job ?


 If you current job need Degree + minimum five years of experience then you can apply in EB2.

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