I-551 stamp and home loan


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My wife and I have not received our physical Green Cards, even though our case has been approved (another story, I have explained in another post).

Anyway, we both have I-551 stamps (90 days validity) in our passports. We are trying to buy a house and are running into issues with the bank (underwriter) refusing to recognize the I-551 stamp as proof of status and are requesting documents from USCIS.

Does the USCIS give out any status letters/documents (not to my knowledge) ? Anyone else with similar issues ?

Also, can the bank legally reject our loan due to the I-551 stamp ?

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Not a good idea.

You can show them H1B or EAD if you have.

I know that many lenders do consider H1B valid for at least a year good enough status proof.

Originally posted by Alexandre:

Hi you want to fix that quickly?

Just say i'm citizen and show you social security and drive license that is it.

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"Just say i'm citizen and show you social security and drive license that is it."

You get the prize for the worst idea ever. Saying you are a citizen and getting any state of federal benefit out of it (like an FHA loan) will get you deported and banned from this country FOREVER. I am not kidding. And no waivers are available for this violation.

P.S. Nobody asked me for any documents other than confirming my identity. Get a different lender, you have no time to waste on the ignorant.

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Sorry guys it was bad Idea, please don't used, I know a lot of people who finance the house acting like that, Before start using the forum I totally believe the USCIS never goes over and check it.

But they may check on it, any way be careful, and thanks Belle and JoeF to advise me on it


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DO NOT falsely claim to be a USC. That is a ground of deportability/bar to further immigration relief and just a really bad idea overall.

As mentioned, try another lender--or take it higher up to their legal department with some proof that the I-551 stamp is evidence of LPR status. Or, work to get that plastic card issued--they usually come quickly, but obviously something happened as most people don't need the stamp anymore.

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