H1B and H4 Approved in chennai consulate EVC model***


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Hi all,


I would like to share my successful experience I had at the Chennai Consulate.


The entire process was spread over a span of two days.


Day 1: OFC 


Our appointment for the OFC was scheduled at 9 AM. We reached the venue half an hour before the schedule. 


Documents Needed for OFC:


1. DS 160 for H1 and H4 

2. Passport

3 . OFC appointment confirmation


We  were directed inside after the security checks, The biometrics were taken .

The whole was completed in about 30 minutes.


Day 2: Visa interview


Our appointment was scheduled at 8 AM. We reached half an hour before the scheduled time. After the security checks we went directed inside.


H1 questions:


1. Who is your employer 

2. Who is your client

3. where is client located 

4. What's your annual income



H4 Questions:


1. How long have you been married

2. What's your highest degree


The main ingredient for success is confidence and having all the required documents.

Be prepared and confident to answer any question asked by the VO. Do not panic. 

You can crack the interview easily.



Documents Needed for the interview


H1 :


1. DS 160 confirmation

2. Passport

3. Original I797 (New and old if any)

4. Employer letter and leave letter from the employer

5. Client letter

6. Pay stubs

7. W2 and Tax returns

8. Bank statements

9. Resume

10. Educational Transcripts

11. Points of contact

12. Itinerary




1. Marriage Certificate

2. Photo Album

3. Spouse's Pay stubs and tax returns

4. Employer letter

5. Passport

6. I797

6. DS 160 Confirmation



All the best!


We thank the murthy forum for constant advise and updates.






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