Is it advisable to driving to Canada from US to get H1B stamped


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I am also planning to drive from US to Canada to get H1B stamping. The car rental comes around 600$ per three weeks (assuming all possible delays in getting H1B stamped). I don't think there would be any problem as long as you get H1B stamped. 


If in case H1B not stamped, then you have to think how to return the car. If you have Canada PR then it won't be a big problem, but if you are on visitor visa, then it may create problem. 


So to avoid these additional problems, people usually prefer air travel. 


I have canada PR, and planning to rent from Budget. In worst case, I could return the car in Canada itself. Thanks!

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Thank you friends.  This makes me to feel comfortable  let me make my travel plans.


I am not planning to rent car. I will be driving my own car.


I am not sure, but I read about import/export issues with driving your own car. Thats why I am planning to drive a rental car (only budget and avis allow to drive into canada I guess). 


Please check it before you drive your own car, and also if you find good info on driving your own car, please share  it. Thanks!

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Hi Amigo 469,


I am also planning to go to vancouver with family, did you confirm if they let the US born child go inside consulate as I heard toronto and many other consulate doesnt allow the same. And also did you send your original i797 for canada trv? I am applying on paper and concerned about sending original i797.

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