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Hi Everyone,


I am currently working for a COMPANY-A on a H1B Status and got a new offer with COMPANY-B. Now for me to join COMPANY-B, COMPANY-B is going to initiate H1B transfer in premium processing. I have a emergency situation and have to travel to my home country India for two weeks. For my H1B transfer to happen properly without any issues, I have the following questions below.


1) Can I leave USA while my H1B Transfer is in process ?

2) I know that while coming back I need to have the new I-797 from COMPANY-B at the time of POE. Since I have a 3-years valid VISA stamping from COMPANY-A, is it required to go for VISA Stamping again ?

3) What is best way to deal with this kind of situation ? Leave to india after H1B transfer is complete (or) request COMPANY-B (New Employer) to initiate H1B transfer after coming back from India.


your help is appreciated.

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