Errors In My EAD Card : Questions


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My second EAD/AP renewal application at TSC was received on 11/28/2014. A few days ago, I received a I-797 that stated, "Your application for employment authorization and advance parole has been approved. The form I-766, Employment Authorization Document with I-512 endorsement, will be sent to you separately, 

Today, I received the EAD card in the mail which states , "Not Valid For Reentry to US". Further, the validity dates are from 02/12/2015 through 02/11/2017. My current card expires only on 03/05/2015. 

My previous two cards were both Combo Cards and the validity dates were from 03/06/2012 through 03/05/2013 and 03/06/2013 through 03/05/2015 

1) Since the I-797 clearly states that they are mailing me a card with I-512 endorsement, is my most recent card not being valid for re-entry an error from USCIS? 

2) Is the back-dating of the validity dates going to be a problem? 

3) Should I make an InfoPass appoointment right away and get both of the above issues corrected? 

4) The application status on the USCIS website for my Form I-131 states that, " On February 12, 2015, we approved your Form I-131, Application For USCIS Travel Document, Receipt Number XXXXXXXX. We will mail your approval notice". Will I be receiving a separate notice for Advance Parole? 

Thank you!

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I recently got my renewal and received  combo card .

It is also backdated like yours ie the validaity of the new card started from the day it is approved .All i did was to  fill  a new I-9 form with the new  card information.


Typically if u request a combo card and mail both i-765 and I -131 applications to the same address as your I-765 mailing address you should receive combo card .

Just wait to see if you recieve AP seperately.



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