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Has anyone had a case where USCIS called their former employer in India to verify employment details?


I worked for my former employer in 2005(5 months), I don't know if they would respond negatively due to my manner of leaving, even though I do have an experience letter from one guy over there now who was kind enough to give it to me.


I don't have any other secondary paperwork to show for it (my first month in the US - house burned down :/) so kind of worried. All of my other experience is documented and in the US.


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Thanks for the response Rahul.

I plan to apply using the letter that I was provided even though my lawyers might not be too impressed.

I have heard of cases where USCIS has called the former employers within US but was not sure about USICS calling employers in India to check.

If I do get an RRE, I plan to withdraw my I-140/I-1485 application and change jobs and re apply. Thankfully my birth country is not India, so my priority is current, can afford to wait one more year before applying.

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