I-140 with Eb2


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I had a PD of Dec 2005 with EB3 and another employer files my labor for EB2. It got approved and and I filed I-140 with EB2. Papers were submitted on 30th of March( As per my attorney). We were doing premium processing. I did not get receipt # till 14th of April. Attorney gave me the # saying he got the # by calling the USICS office.

On April 18th case shows as approved on online using the receipt # I received from my attorney.

Till this date attorney is saying he has not received the approved I-140. Then he called USICs office and they are taking time to port the date. Is this this going to take more time.

Interesting part is that the checks I gave for I-140 and premium processing is not yet cashed. I am really worried and want some answers to see this is situation is really possible.

Thanks in advance for your answers


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Originally posted by freakjobs:

Why did you pay for I-140 ?. Shouldn't your employer bear the cost, since they are the sponsor ?.

It is not necessay that employer has to pay for I-140. My serious concern is not yet recived the approval notice and also, checks not acshed, but online shows that the my I140 is approved and they have sent the paper on 18th.

Could someone confirm this time delays?


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