Traveling to India with old employers Valid I-94


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I currently have valid visa with employer A till Dec 2015 (I-94).

I've changed my job in the U.S. and I am with employer B with whom I have valid petition.

I want to travel to India urgently for a week and I'll be coming back on Feb end 2015.

So Question is


1) Is it ok that I can come back on the old visa without going for stamping. Since I am going for a week, getting stamped will not be feasible. Please advise. 


2)Will there be any problem in POE as I have moved recently to new employer B (Say 1 month).



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Hi All, 


I am in a similar but slightly different situation. 


I originally got my Visa(H1b) stamped with Employer A(in India) and got H4 for my wife as well through the same employer(A). Both our Visas were Valid until(31st Dec 2013). We traveled in Aug 2013 to the US. Employer A whilst we were in US filed our extensions and our both our Visas(H1b and H4) got extended till Nov 2016. 


So, In May 2014, I transferred my H1b and H4 to another employer(B) in the US and got new I94 dates(End of March 2017). 


Now, my wife has to travel to India for about 20 days. My wife's passport has H4 Visa stamped by my first employer(A).


My Question is, should my wife go for stamping before coming back to the US or, can my wife travel to India and return to the US without stamping?- I have all the I797 approvals and petitions available for me and my wife.  


Please advise on this. 






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