Online Travel History and I94 while traveling from Canada to USA


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Hello All,

      I am on a H1B visa and it is valid until June 2015. I had travelled to Canada for visiting Niagara Falls on 06-June-2014. I had re-entered US on 08-June-2014 by land port of entry in Thousand Islands. The officer asked me few questions and let me and wife into USA. I recently discovered that there was a departure record (06-June) in travel history online and i had the same online I94 number and validity as my previous one. No entry stamp or entry record were found online or in my passport. A couple of questions.


1. What should i fill in my last arrival date field if i file my extension for H1B ?

2. If i enter the last arrival date as 08-Jan, will i get an RFE saying that there is no evidence i traveled back on 08-Jan ?


Any help on this would be good.




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