H1B April 2015 - Stratford Univ


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Hi All,


Hope everyone is doing well..


I am a F1 OPT graduate from a for-profit university ( stratford univ). I am in my last leg of my OPT and my employer is filing a H1B this april 2015. 

As this univ is for profit, I know I will  not be able to apply under masters quota but still would like inputs from all readers what are the best options for me..??


Btw I have spoke to attorneys who can still file under masters quota. They have success stories of previous years ( Ramineni Law firm Boston MA). if you have dealt with them previously please respond..


And any stratford univ guys in same boat as me please respond.


Looking forward for your suggestions.


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In the early days of the Masters quota, USCIS didn't enforce the law.

Nowadays, trying to use a degree from a for-profit institution will result in a denial. Good lawyers know that.

And even the people who way back when got approval now get denials when they do extensions.

The bottom line: such a degree from a for-profit institution can NOT be used for the H1 Masters quota. Period.

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Hi Teja11,


I'm already on my first H1 and from same univ. I'm in the same situation and actually thought of contacting ramineni associates for a long time. My H1 has to be transfered to a new employer shortly. Please PM and keep in touch.


The transfer will get denied. That lawyer just gets rich off you guys...

Your H1 is invalid. Period.

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Hey what happend to your case?? I got the query now....


A degree from a for-profit institution can NOT NOT NOT be used for the H1 Masters quota. Period.

That is the LAW!

If you tried to use such a degree for the H1 Masters quota, the H1 WILL get denied.

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