PERM audit for last 2 years


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Hello All,


    I need some insight on the PERM process. My PREM was initated on Jan-2013 and it got into Audit on Jun-2013. Till today my employer has not got any reply for Audit from DOL. This is not only for my case there were 300 odd employees applied on that day and non of them got a reply after audit.


There are some employees who had filed PERM on Sep-2013 and Dec-2013 and non of their PERM has not been either approved or gone to audit. I'm not seeing any light of hope with this employer and everytime we ask them they reply back saying this is happening for all company.


Can someone tell me is there any timeline for DOL to reply for a PERM case? Since it has crossed 2 years I'm not sure still how many more years we need to wait. Is there a way employees can reach DOL and ask why our cases are not taken into consideration?


Currently Audit reviews are done for May-2013


Any reply is appreciated.




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