Incorrect travel history on i94 -- Urgent help required.


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I need an urgent help regarding a strange issue I am facing because "DELTA Airlines" misconduct. I am in USA on H1B Visa from an year with i94 validity till the end of 2016. I had to travel from Atlanta to San Jose (in California, USA) on personal work during November 2014. So I booked a flight with DELTA Airlines. But by mistake, I booked the ticket to San Jose (in Costa Rica, a different country) from Atlanta. However before my travel date, I identified the mistake and canceled the ticket. However today to my surprise, I have identified that there exists a wrong entry in my I94 travel history that I departed from Atlanta (from USA) on the same date of my canceled flight. This is an additional entry to my original arrival entry to USA an year ago.

I was panicked a lot and I have called DELTA Airlines about their mistake (of not deleting my name from their flight manifest or entries). But the customer care and corporate office od DELTA Airlines is not at all supporting to resolve the issue, saying that it is my responsibility instead.

I read through various forums, but still confused on whom to contact exactly (either CBP - US Customs and Border Protection or USCIS)?

Please help me by sharing any info related to this (Both on whom to reach and with what information/documents to reach them).

Thanks in advance.

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