Visitor Visa for Spoause of a Canadian Citizen who just got approved for PR


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Hi All,


I am a Canadian Citizen working in the US on TN VISA, Just 2 months ago, my wife who resides in Canada got her Canadian Permanent Resident Visa approved. Last December, she applied for a US Visitor visa but she has not received her permanent resident card in the mail. This takes at least 3 months. Further info about her older visa status are:


a. She was on H4 Visa about 5 years ago which was canceled by the embassy cos it has


b.. She got another H4 Visa in 2013 and its still valid but I the husband is no longer on H1B    

     Visa but changed to TN Visa.

c. she just wanted to be visiting the US and go back to Canada so as not to lose her

    Canadian residency

My questions are as follows:

1. Without her PR Card can US embassy in Toronto grant her Visitor visa?

2. Can she used her Certificate Of Permanent Resident (COPR) as an evidence of  her

    residency in Canada.

3. Is there going to be any problem durning her interview sheduled for next week?


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