Clock reset : L1A 7 yrs - Previous stay on H1


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In the past, I was in US with company A on H1 for 5.5 yrs and went back in 2010. After that I joined company B and traveled to US in 2014 on L1A. I was out of US for 3+ years.

In many threads it is referred that H1+L1 stay period is counted towards stay limit. For time reset, new visa with cap limit is necessary after 1 yr of out of US stay(at least my interpretation). 

My total stay in US is close to 6.5 yrs on H1+L1 with out of US stay of 3+ years in between during transition from H1 to L1. 

For my current L1A stay limit of 7 years - should the H1 years are also counted i.e. I have another 6 months left over?
or L1A is new visa (with no cap), the stay time is reset during my out of US stay and I have 7 yrs - current stay period?

Thank you.

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