2006-H1B - CAP Exempt Query


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I had both H1B from Consultant company & L1B from Indian IT company stamped in the year 2006, since my H1 consultant was not bringing me to US. I came to US on L1B in the year 2008 ,got extended to L1A and continued my stay in US for 7 years. Since my IT company is not applying Green Card, I have to go back to India by Feb 2015 and come back after 1 year applying fresh H1B.  However, instead of applying fresh H1B , Is it possible to utilize my previously approved 2006-H1B to come back US after 1 year without going through fresh 2016 quota.


Please let me know whether it is possible to apply H1B through CAP exempt without going through quota after 1 year. 

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