File 140 before or after company acquisition date?


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I have PERM approved (in Nov-2014) from company A. Company B is acquiring company A next month (Feb-2015). Big unit/department of company A is being acquired by company B, and not the entire company A. I am part of the unit being acquired. Company B is being called successor-in-interest in this acquisition.


I have three options to file for I-140:

1. Wait now and file for 140 AFTER acquisition date with company B

2. File for 140 with company A BEFORE acquisition date, in premium processing such that decision comes in before acquisition date.

3. File for 140 with company A BEFORE acquisition date, in regular processing (This option means, company A would be acquired by company B while my 140 is pending with company A).



I am still preparing documents for 140, however I would like to know which is a better option and which options reduces the risk of overall GC application?


Thank you experts for all the inputs.

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