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I currently switched from company 'A' to company 'B'. I recently got married and  applying for H4 visa for my wife. As I am recently joined with company 'B', i don't have pay-stubs of company 'B' but i have offer letter mentioning my salary and position held in company 'B'.


My wife is about to attend the interview in MUMBAI USCIS consulate. As when interviewer ask her to show the pay-stubs of mine for company 'B', can my wife furnish her/him offer letter and mentioning that i have recently joined the company 'B'. 


Please advise on this scenario.


Also my wife is carrying following documents with her for H4 visa interview


1. Completed DS 160 form

2. Offer letter of company 'B' followed by client letter

3. Marriage album and certificate.

4. Passport copy of mine.

5. I-94 & I-797 approved by company 'B'.

6. Bank statements.

7. W2 form 


Please let me know if i am missing anything.


Thanks in advance.

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