H1b Transfers


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I have a valid H1B from company A. And I have got offer from company B AND Company C.

Company A project got completed and they are planning to send me back to India . Company B Has initiated my transfer and it is in RFE stage now. I really want to join company C and they will start the petition process in 1 week.

So if i start my company C petition process providing company A petition papers and if I leave company A AFTER the petition is submitted to USCIS.WILL the petition be approved for company C.

If company A asks me to go back to India tI have no other option rather than joiningcompanyB. BUT MY petition from company C will be using the papers from company A. DOES THE petition from company C Will be approved In this case?

Whats the best way . I would Ike to join company C.

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