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I m in weird situation. I got my H1B visa done via one of the consultants in bay area. I paid for my H1B including for RFE. 

I have two questions regarding this:


1. The employer / consultant keeps saying, "I still haven't received your paper work" even though, it has been 2.5 months. I tried to check on USCIS, per them, they will send duplicate I-797A only to the employer. I need the papers to apply for SSN. Once he said, he received but now, he has gone back on those words


2. Last month, he asked me to pay him USD 5000 & he would give me a cheque from company, which would be my salary. He asked me to deposit after 2 weeks. After depositing, the cheque has bounced & with repeated calls, he doesn't respond at all. He is totally ignoring my calls & mails. He doesn't even talk to me properly, when he receives the call.


Any help on what could be my options? At times, I thought of going via legal route but then thought if there is a way to work out of this.


Please help!


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Why in the world did you pay for the H1? That is illegal!

And the fake payroll he suggested is a FELONY! NEVER do anything like that.


File a WH4 with DOL, and find a better employer.

And NEVER pay for an H1. Stay away from any company that wants money for an H1, no matter how they call it. As you have found out, these companies are all frauds.

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