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My PD is 18 APR 2008

I-140 approved on 15 Sep 2008 under EB2

I-485 not yet filed

When I filed I-140, I have chosen CP option instead of AOS. Since 2008, I haven't received any communication from USCIS or my attorney.

I have the following questions rather confusions:

- When the PD dates become current, shall I opt for AOS or continue in CP while filing for I-485?

- What happens when the PD dates become current, do I need to go to India for a Visa Interview to get my GC?

- am I doing the right thing being in CP option? am I saving any time in the GC process?

Any help in clarifying these doubts will be really appreciated

- sp_2011

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Thanks Belle.

In CP option, since there is no EAD concept, I an thinking it may save few months time for getting the GC. Do you agree ?

Also I read CP option has more success rate than AOS.

Are there any other negative factors that need to know about CP ? Any link is fine.

thank you


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