Not sure whether it was legal


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I been unemployed from jan to june and been collecting unemployment. But in month of feb, I got a 1 week 1099 Misc contract. I did report my those 1 week earnings on unemployment claim As a result my unemployment benefits were reduced accordingly for that 1 week in which I earned money. Some people are saying that when I got 1099 Misc contract for 1 week, I should have closed my claim


Whereas I believe I didn't do anything wrong as it was 1 week 1099 MISC contract and I did report those earnings on my unemployment claim


Now my unemployment history overlaps as unemployed jan-june

and employed feb 1- feb 7 1099 MISC contract.


Will it affect my citizenship in anyway. despite that I mentioned my feb1-feb7 earnings on my  unemployment claim for that week

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It is possible that you received public benefits when you should not have, but do not even realize it. For example, many U.S. government agencies that provide public assistance require that you let them know if you are going to be outside of the country for 30 days or more at a time. And, during your time outside the country, they will stop paying benefits to you. However, some people do not know about this requirement and end up receiving benefits while they are not in the U.S. and are therefore ineligible to receive, for example, food stamps.


Unemployment benefits are not public benefits.

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