URGENT: Automatic Revalidation while entering US from canada


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I am having a question on automatic revalidation of visa.


I am currently on H1B and my VISA stamping is expired. but having a valid I-797 for another 30 months.


My Wife was having H4 visa stamp which expired on 11/08/2014. but my wife changed her status to F1 while in US (around may 2014). we both came to Vancouver B.C, Canada today (12/23/2014) for my H1B stamping and her F1 stamping. My VISA has been approved. but, my wife VISA was denied. Can she eligible to travel with me to United States on her expired H4 VISA and my Valid I-797 using automatic revalidation (since they refused VISA is of different category)?


Thanks in advance for your reply.




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