Simultaneous process of H1 and H4 . Changing status from L to H


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My husband has L1B Visa. Currently Iam on L2-EAD working in a company . Iam planning to apply for H1B visa through sponser .


My husband's company is planning to change the status from L1 to H1 . So his company is planning to apply the H4 for me.


I have a few questions about the simultaneous process of H1 and H4 for me.


1) if my husband visa is approved and my H4 visa is approved . My H1 is also approved , then what is the status of my visa ?

2) My H1B is not approved but my husband visa is approved Am I still be in H4 ?

3) Can I apply H1 and H4 simultaneously ?


Need to know what is the best approach to follow in this scenario.

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