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She not only knows immigration matters,

But also knows,

To give right advices

To suggest right path

To help like family member

To protect the legal rights

To extend helping hand

I should thankful to her being my

Advisor / friend / sister / attorney



I came to USA more than a decade ago. Came to USA on H1B on company namely ABC. Changed to another H1B namely XYZ. Worked for XYZ. Never worked for ABC. After 1 year went to India for vacation and entered in to USA with old VISA of Company ABC and with H1B of company XYZ. After that changed to another company AAA. Filed green card in beginning of 2003. I hired my attorney with the reference of one of my known person. That attorney files only through RIR. She was expensive attorney too. Thought everything going on well. but actually not.

Green card Story:


I got query during the labor processing time. Answered for that. Then my case was changed to some other center along with many other cases. Again got query. We answered that. At last after many year labor was approved.

At the time of filing i-485 only I came to know that she filed my GC in EB3 category. Besides the job description also only suitable for EB# not EB4. So I do not option to file except EB3.

I-140 & I-485 filed concurrently. Received a query. We answered that. Then case was transferred to Texas service center. Received a query from that center. We answered that.

Then case was transferred to local office. I thought there will be an interview. So we will get approval soon. It did not happen. My case was gain transferred to another service center. Then in 2007 all visa numbers became current.

Till this time my visa on My passport was ABC company’s only which expired many years ago. I do not have visa stamping of Company AAA. Mean which I used my parole to travel to India. But throughout the period I am maintaining my H1B status by getting approvals of H1B extensions.

Awful story with attorney:


Here is the special story begin with my attorney office, which shows how idiot I am by choosing this attorney. When visa numbers became current, Received a call from attorney office sating that I received Intent to deny from USCIS. I asked for details. She did not give any details and mentioned that they will mail that document to me.

1) My second entry to USA is on ABC visa with XYZ H1B. USCIS mentioned as it is illegal entry, because I never worked for ABC. ( It is valid to travel with previous Visa with new company H1B approval)

2) on my 485 application s in many places my signature present with date ( when I returning the I-485 documents with my signature. I clearly asked my attorney what date I can mention in ate field. Attorney mentioned that their office will fill all these dates. But they did not do that.)

3) USCIS raise many clerical errors like this which are so apparently visible to immigration officer, which raised red flag to him/her, which causes through verification of my file and bombarded with denial notice.

I asked appointment with attorney. Clerk said I have to pay $150 for appointment. I said, I am existed client. Clerk said still I have to pay. Till that time all communications are going on through email with promt replies. Now it is shock for me. Attorney is not to do just clerical job to fill the application. When denial came simply they are not responding properly. I already paid the total amount for my Green card. If attorney want to charge for to handle this situation, they are suppose to discuss with me. But simply not responded and ready to charge for consultation.

Decided to change attorney. I tried to Reach Sheela murthy. But she is in India trip for 1 month

This time I want to choose some attorney which is local to new York, which facilitates me to meet him personally, because new York is nearer to me.

Pathetic story with newyork attorney:


I choose one attorney by one of friend referral. His advertisement frequently published in DESI TALK weekly magazine he is A1 rated as per Hubble Martindale. His name is published internationally eminent lawyer as International who’s who magazine/website. By doing all this research I chose that attorney. I thought I am in safe hands. He charged $5000 to handle this Intent to denial. Now on wards concentration camp session began (in II world war Hitler ran this camp to kill people)

In my first meet he spent just 10 minutes, he will go through that and gave me appointment after 2 days.

In next meeting , he saw me, without further conversation gave me appointment again after few days.

In 3rd meeting, His plan to get my visa stamping with my current employer in CANADA. So that my previous out of status issues will be nullified, with draw I-485 and file new 485. But the problem is when denial notice is pending, there is great chance for denial of visa stamping and deny my entry in to USA. He tried to contact one attorney who will help for Visa stamping. But that attorney did not respond properly. But he did not tell me. For every 4-5 days he will give me an appointment and will not talk anything, brings my file says he is still thinking. (Not kidding, simply he says that and gives next appointment in 4 -5 days). I am confused. I convinced myself world famous lawyers may behave like this. I asked him for plan of action now. He will not say anything. Keep on giving follow-up appointments

(Imagine a scene in Indian Government office, when retired person goes to pension office to get pension . but the clerk/pension officer post pones the payments to senior citizen by telling the excuses because he did not receive bribed amount). Finally he requested the USCIS for postponement to reply for few weeks. Mean whicle I am contacting other 4-5 attorneys for my visa stamping assistance by paying $ 250 consultation fee for each. No use. Everybody said it is risky. Till final day he did not prepare any documentation. The last day of reply I want to his office at 4 PM. Fedex last pick up time is 8 PM. Till that time he did not prepare any documentation. When I went to his office after few minutes he left the office and asked me assist his clerk to se****ate all the documents what I submitted to him. Till that time that clerk did know what are document I submitted to him for verification either. I helped that clerk to put my documents on proper order which we have to submit to USCIS. I really scared on that day. What is the situation if I did not go to his office on that day? (1)That is last day, last minute,(2) Till that time they did not put together my documents to send to USCUS,(3) clerk does not aware of which documents to send ,(4) attorney already left, (5)already postponed the date with USCIS once.

Final outcome is USCIS did not convinced with his argument and denied my case without appeal that leads to deportation.

I Pissed off. But I do not have any option. I already paid total amount to him and did not go to new project(I am working as a consultant) because I am travelling to new York every 4-5 days to meet his purposeless appointments.)In murthy.com I saw murthy law firm success story on the basis of parole reentry.

I took consultation with sheela murthy. She suggested filing new i-485 on the basis of parole reentry on the basis of their success story. Even though my current I-485 appeal did not work, still I can stay on the basis of new i-485 is pending

I showed murthy law firm successful story regarding parole reentry I-485 and request him apply for new I-485 and asked the plan of action regarding current denial. After denial I went to his office nearly more than 10 times. He gives just follow-up appointments without finalizing anything. But I am reaching my deportation date. He will not talk anything, says still he is thinking. Totally More than 20 times I visited his office within span of 3 months.

(Intention of this explanation is not to criticize anybody for my fate, but to suggest everybody how wrong selection of attorney will ruin your life)

Mean which I am taking consultation with sheela murthy to file my new I-485 application. But Murthy law firm is not ready to take new cases because they are already overloaded with current cases. But in the consultation sheela murthy gave me excellent suggestions.

Finally I am nearer to ran out of my time. My attorney is not responding, not finalizing, keep on giving follow-up appointments. Finally when I spoke to few other clients in the waiting room of his office, every bodies story is similar to me. Then I decide to give up him.

In this period I really sand witched with tension, frustration, loneliness

Story of sheela Murthy:


Took consultation with sheela murthy. Explained the entire situation regarding my helplessness. (recollect the theological story of “GAJENDRA MOKSHAMâ€. When elephant tries tried with all of his efforts to get out of Bite from Crocodile, finally when became helpless, prayed the “LORD VISHNU†to rescue. By hearing his voice “VISHNU†came from heaven to earth without weapons to rescue his devotee with esteem adoration). She appeared as “Lord VISHNU†with weapons of her immense knowledge, Loyalty, humanity, efficient infra structure, legal/paralegal staff. whatever the word I use to praise her , she beyond than that.

I went to her office with all of my documents. Within 1 day Murthy law firm filed my new I-485 on the basis of my parole entry. Within couple of days applied for Motion to reopen. They took complete information from me patiently, reviewed all documents and entire US period paystubs, What not everything of my entire legal history. My motion to reopen was accepted.

H1B visa stamping story:

I want to have h1B visa stamping on my passport. I contacted few attorneys in USA. They are charging $5000. My case was complex. with multiple times paid appointments with multiple attorneys , They even could not understand properly my entire legal situation.

Again contacted Sheela murthy for this matter. She extended her helping hand for Visa stamping also.

For h1B visa stamping purpose or for my green card Intent to denial purpose, I consulted more than 10 attorneys for (all consultations are paid consultations, not free) spent a lot of money. I drained my money.

Murthy law firm India assisted me for h1B visa stamping . Murthy law firm attorneys are such a knowledge attorneys who will give accurate answers for any immigrations questions. There is no “May be†answers. (Proverb: If King is principled, ethical, knowledgeable, then citizens also will be like that)

Murthy law firm legal depart also so knowledgeable. Regarding my case I interacted with different attorneys in different departments.

I spoke to senthil kumar in Murthy law firm, India. On the phone he understood the entire legal situation clearly, asked few clarifications, and asked me to send some documents for his verification.

In India helped me to se****ate the documents, prepared us for questionnaire in consulate. My heart full thanks to him. Murthy law firm charged only $1000. (Attorney in USA asked me $5000).me and spouse also took help from murthy law firm for visa stamping and succeeded.

How sheela Murthy made difference:


In helpless conditions, frustrated situation, sheela murthy helped me legally and gave me such a comfort, which I never forget in my life. Answers comes from her like bullets, encourages the clients to come up with different options. She suggests the best option. When a person gets nectar after struggling with thirst in desert, how he feels? I felt the same way. She addresses the clients like her own brothers/sisters. When I come up with any wrong option/opinion with her, she says†NO, NO, NO < my name>, that is not right way to do . You should do another wayâ€. modulation in her voice gives feeling like as mother/sister care about her son/brother.

As I mentioned previously, I drained out a lot of money to different attorneys for all these issues without resolving. Murthy law firm fees are so reasonable. That’s what I felt. The services what they render is much more valuable than they charge.

That to sheela murthy does not feel financial responsibility to client, feels moral responsibility to serve the clients. That is the only reason they could able to provide such a fantastic services.



Till now I got many EAD’s, APs. I never thought to file by myself. Their paralegal staff is such efficient; they will not overlook any small clerical mistakes also. (Many times it happened for me by sending wrong spelling in cheque)

Still I am waiting for my GC approval to become my priority date current.

Sheela murthy & her firm stood behind me in many situations to protect me by all means

My heartily Thanks to sheela murthy & Murthy law firm & Senthil Kumar

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That is precisely why, me, being the SMART me , decided to spend the "extra" (if it can be called that) and hired the Murthy law firm to represent me in my GC process.No hassles, no issues what so ever, smooth process and happily Green for the past few years (though my employer's attorney was a lot less expensive, i chose the Murthy law firm...)!

All of you reading the forum- You get what you pay for. I know a couple of friends/colleagues that hired the attorney(s) that their employers recommended since they happened to be less expensive but then, they are now getting what they paid for.

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Expensive doesn't always mean good.

For immigration matters, you should check the reputation of the lawyer, and the experience in the particular area. A lawyer could be great for employment-based GCs, but not have experience with family-based applications, for example.

The price, while not unimportant, should be of secondary concern.

But certainly, the Murthy lawfirm has a very good reputation.

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I selected my 2nd attorney on the basis of

His website shows listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and in The Best Lawyers in America for Immigration and Naturalization Law.Huble martindale is (www.********.com) one of the oldest/popular firm which gives rating to ghe attorneys on the basis of peer review and client review

Who’s Who In American (Lawhttp://www.*********.com ). as per this he is internationally popular lawyer

As per super lawyers magazine (http://www.**********.com) , he is super lawyer

In Crane's New York Business. Magazine also published about him as expert

He got more than 10 years of experience

By considering all these factors I selected my 2nd attorney. But it is wrong selection.

Still I am not clear. How to decide/conclude/select a right attorney in any Practice area.

On the basis of your experiences pl. pl. tell me

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Well, we hope everyone choses the Murthy Law Firm. But, as with any decision---and this can be a very important decision---there is not one single factor that should end the thought process.

Expensive does not always mean better; cheaper is not always better, either. Cost has to be considered, but it is always cheaper to do things right the first time than to have to fix the disaster afterward.

Awards/ratings are another indicator, but look at the dates of these accomplishements. Try to find people who have used the attorney recently to make sure that they/their firm are STILL good, rather than coasting on their reputation.

Ask about how you will communicate with the attorney/paralegal. That is the single biggest complaint---not knowing what is going on with the case. Make sure you understand the system, and can work with it. Listen with an open mind---we speak to clients by appointment. Some people hesitate at first, wanting to just be able to call any time. But, in reality, it works better for everyone. No missed phone calls/telephone tag/getting calls returned when you are not able to speak. Just set a convenient time, call in and talk with us---very easy--and efficient all the way around.

Ask about the technology used by the firm and how that allows you to have access to information about the case.

Find out about the system for dealing with your case if the attorney is out of the office/on vacation/sick. We have teams and backups, some one will be there to help for urgent issues if the assigned attorney is unavailable and it just can't wait.

Get a sense of the firm, and make sure you are comfortable. Immigration cases, particularly green card cases, take a very long time---you will be working with the law firm for quite a while.

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Murthy law firm attorney6,

Thanks For your response.

“Awards/ratings are another indicator, but look at the dates of these accomplishements. “


Huble martindale is the oldest rating firm. it rates AV, BV etc. But where I can get/look the dates of these accomplishements.


“Try to find people who have used the attorney recently to make sure that they/their firm are STILL good, rather than coasting on their reputationâ€


Certainly I agree with you. But this is difficult task. I tried this ,but I could not find. Do you suggest any way or websites to find clients of particular attorney or attorney firm.

Another question:

Is it better to prefer ‘firm’ or ‘individual attorney’ (I thought individual attorney will take personal care. But couple times this assumption was failed)

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