Successful EB2 consular processing for GC at New Delhi


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EB2 GC consular processing experience New Delhi , India

I had promised myself that if everything goes well , I will post my experience on some major immigration forums so that it might benefit to people in need , as I could not find much about other peoples EB2 CP experience.

I am outlining basic details of the procedure , if anyone wants to know more about any step in particular , please dm me.

I was born in the Middle East ,so my PD was current , Did my masters from US too. It took roughly over 2 years to get our GC ( me and my wife). If your company is good and agrees to support your GC consular processing ,and your medical record and police clearance are in order ,there should not be a problem.

1: My H1-b expired in middle of 2012 and my company applied for GC perm right about that time. Plan was to apply for I-140 and 485 concurrently because my pd was current ( birth place middle-east) given if my perm is approved , but my perm went in for audit and we could not get 7the year extension on my H1.

2: Me and my wife came back to India in the last week of August 2012 since we did not want to jeopardize our GC process by overstaying even for a day . Luckily my company has their office in New Delhi and they were willing to go ahead with my consular processing while I worked from India office , plus we have a lot of family living in and around Delhi so it worked out pretty fine for us.

3: Perm got approved around 7 months after we left USA. I -140 was filed soon after in the middle of 2013.

4: As soon as I-140 was cleared , USCIS sent all the paperwork to NVC , NVC created the case number and took another few months to process our immigrant visa application , meanwhile we were asked to send police clearance and other original civil documents to NVC. We also filled DS-260 forms online after the fees wax paid .All the documents from the checklist were sent to NVC in July 2014 through the company lawyers who were handling my case.

5: We got email from NVC in the end of september 2014, that our case is ready and we will be informed about our interview date soon. Within 2 weeks we got another email confirming our interview scheduled for 25th November 2014.

6: We took the interview letter to the USCIS approved hospital in Delhi to get our medical exam done, got the reports 8th day.

7: We got the finger printing done at Visa application center (VAC) 5 days before the consulate interview.

8 : DO NOT forget to register yourself and your dependents at , make an appointment with them for bio metrics and finger printing AFTER your medical exam and BEFORE your actual visa interview at the US embassy. Their office is located in Nehru place.

9 : My company sent me all the necessary documents including fresh notarized offer letter.

10: Interview day ; we arrived at the consulate at 8:15 am with every document we could think of , majority of people there were marriage based or family based. Looked like we were the only couple for employment based immigration interview. Had to wait for 2.5 hrs after the guy at first window took our interview letter , medical reports and other docs. So after a very long and anxiety filled wait our names were called at around 11:30 am , the VO was a lady. She knew exactly what to ask and knew all about IT business. Asked my wife about our marriage , when and how did it happen, how many years we stayed in America, what did she do there (trick question since she could not legally work there being on h4), asked about my job duties , how many employees my company have , and how many people work under me?

That was it , 10-15 mins later we were out of the consulate. She said ok I am approving your immigrant visa, gave us a white and yellow instruction sheet which said that we will get an SMS on the numbers we had provided when our docs and passports are ready in 3-5 days to be collected from the location we selected online when we registered at , plus to pay the USCIS fee online before we leave for US or our plastic green card will be delayed.

11: Had the interview on Tuesday and got SMS on Monday that our passports are ready , we went on Tuesday and collected our passports and other sealed docs. All thanks to Almighty , it was a smooth sailing.

Will add our POE experience as well , once we land there.God willing.

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