Chaging employer after I140 Approval.


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Hi All,


After going over all the forums, I am still confused and any help/suggestion/comment would be appreciated. Here is my scenario

1. I am currently working with Employer A with my Labor and I140 approved in EB2(approved in 2011 with priority date July 2010). This is a Employer-Vendor-client assignment.
2. As of now my Visa is valid until May 2015. I completed my 6 years on H1B in Sep 2014.

2. I am planning to accept a Full Time position with a well known Bank (Employer B), they will transfer my H1B and they said they will file for my green card after 1 year.

My questions
1. If my current employer (employerA) revokes my I140 after I leave him and Employer B files for my green card after 1 year will I still have the same Priority Date (July 2010) ? My new employer will also file my green card in EB2 and my job responsibilities pretty much remains the same .

2. Employer B said they will right away start the process to port my Green Card, what does this mean ? (I will clarify this with employer B anyways but wanted to find if someone knows what this means).

3. Last one, I join employer B in Jan 2015, Employer A revokes my I140 in Feb 2015 and for some reason I plan to quit Employer B in July 2015 and I am planning to join Employer C. Will I be able to join Employer C since at that point of time my old I140 would have been revoked and my new Employer (Employer B) would have not files for my green card and I would have completed my 6 years.

As always Thank you so much for reading/replying/helping/commenting.


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