H1 Stamping with amendment pending


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Hi, I have H1 approval until June 2015 but I have changed my client. 


So, is it possible to go for visa stamping when I have transferred to new end client, new location and company has amendment pending? 


What documents do I need to take?  initial I-129 plus the amendment paperwork?  New client letter? 


Or is amendment not even needed?


Thank you!

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Thank you!

So you are certain an amendment needs to be filed.  I cannot go with initial petition and a copy of the new LCA for the new location.  I understand in the past it was done that way. 

There are situations where stamping was done without amendment. Thoes were times when the applicant was lucky. What will be your response when VO asks about your client letter? Will you give the old or new one? If you give the old one and if US consulate issues you a 221G and want to crosscheck with your end client and end client says you no longer work for their project? If you are willing you can take that risk.

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