valid LCA not provided upfront


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I moved from State A to State B in month of August 2014. As moving to new state/location, I needed LCA. My current H1 had System Analyst I while new location position was System Analyst II.


My H1 was up for renewal in month of October. Hence my organization sent me on LCA which was as System Analyst I and waited till October to give me new LCA with correct position.


My question

1. Has my organization followed a correct procedure?

2. If not, is there anything which I should do?


Thanks in advance




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Thanks Jairichi.


My question was more around, has company followed the proper procedure or not. Also since they moved me with OLD LCA, I didn't get new increased salary till Octoboer.

Typically they should have filed a new LCA immediately after your move. It might be ok in your case. Ask an attorney to be very sure.

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