Stamping in Matamoros, Mexico


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I am trying to get an appointment for stamping at Matamoros, Mexico. It is currently saying "No dates available" for non - immigrant visa (currently residing in US) option.

Did anyone get appointment for stamping in September? If so what date did you get?

How many weeks before should we need to fix the appointment. Please let me know.


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I am trying to book for oct 1st week.. but I am not getting any option to pay / schedule any appointment.

After selecting Non - immigrant visas which one are we supposed to select

+ Mexican National or Present in Mexico


+ Applicant in the US (Non-Mexican Citizens/Residents).

I know we got to select later, but it is showing no dates available. So putting this dumb question as I am getting frustrated.

Kalyan and Ricky.. did you guys go for MATAMOROS?

Good luck Ricky.. please post your experience here once you been through.. hope you come out with flying colors...

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Any gaps in the employement during your h1b duration, then don't risk going to Matamoros.

1.If you have arrived in USA after successful H1b stamping like 1month or above, the VO will ask you the reason for the delay in joining the job in USA.----Chances of visa denial

2.Any gaps in employement despite explaining and unpaid medical vacation, the VO will consider those a bench period- Visa denied.

3.The VO officers @ Matamoros does not like EVC model i.e.Employer,Vendor,Client.----Chances of Visa denial

4.The VO officers likes EC model and chances of getting visa are fine.-----Chances of Visa stamping

5.No matter how many yrs one has worked in USA whether 3 yrs - 8 years, the VO will dig though all the W2 and compare with corresponding LC's, any W2 not matching LC's will result in visa denials.

6.The VO has zero tolernace over gaps in employement and gaps are considered as bench period.

7.Client letter, employement letter,W2's,paystubs are minimum requirement.

8.Any person who is trying to go for visa stamping @ Matamoros and does not satisfy any of the above mentioned requirements then better don't risk themselves going to visa stamping @Matamoros.

9.There is a person with bald head with french moustage located @visa counter6 and another old person @via counter7(always look for old person and bald head are recognised as nortorious people who specialize in rejecting visa's.

10.Anybody still wants to take risk by going to Matamoros then after going inside perform a dry run in front of visa counters and look for persons I mentioned where they are located.

11.Going with MAS services is watse of money and waste of energy.

12.Going to Matamoros itself is injurious to future of IT people.

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what time does the dates open? can you tell me what time you booked slots? Because I been looking on site since past 2 days and it always says - "There are no available appointments at this time"

So was wondering if it is openbing during midnight and closing by morning, is that possible? I booked my tickets to india for vacation, so kinda running out of time... please suggest right times to book for slots.

Thanks guys

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I had some questions regarding the stamping in Metamoros mexico. Me and my wife are planning to renew our H1B Visas . I am a Full time and my wife is working in E-V-C model. Can any one let me know how easy or tough is to get the visa for the people working in EVC model.

Is it true that they give a temorary I-94 at the port of entry even though they deny the visa?

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Originally posted by kalyan797:

No, I dint book for Matamoros...going to Tijuana Mexico.

Try calling them to schedule appointments.

In my case i found that the appointment slots not visible to us are sometimes available when we book it on phone with the help of operator.

Hey Kalyan, when are you going to Tijuana? i have ASC on 3rd and Consular on 4th Oct.

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