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Hello All:


I have a issue: I'm working as an FTE for a company from Sep 24 2012 and the company is doing my Perm and  requested for my previous employment letters.


My previous employment was with companyB where I worked from Nov 2009 to Sep 21 2012 + 2 weeks vacation time that is to Oct 5 2012.

My experience letter was given to Oct 05-2012 but my HR is saying that the previous employment should be ended before current employment start date as I can't work more than 40 hours and I tried to explain that I did not work that was my vacation time but of little use.


How can I handle this situation please let me know all options.




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Yes, I was here in USA, As the first company with which I was on FTE till Oct 05 2012 was not planning to extend my H1 and I had a Job opportunity from Company B I choose to join Company B and told them that my last 2 weeks are vacation.


How to resolve this?

If you were paid then you were on paid vacation being an employee of company A. So, nothing can be changed.

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You can ask  company A if they are willing to give you experience letter with last day as Sept 21st. They can formally terminate your employment on Sept 21  AND you can get severance pay or extra payroll cycle for another two weeks. It is theoretically possible that job termination/ resignation information does not get relayed to payroll dept in time and you may get an Extra paycheck issued. If Company A does not  realize the mistake or does not consider it worth their time to make you return the last pay check and adjust payroll you can keep it.

It does not look like that is the case but worth talking to company A.

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