Visa approved at Nov 21 Ottawa


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I work for a highly prestigious university in the States. Here is the interview transcript

Me: Hi, How are you officer?
Officer: I am good, yourself?

Me: Pretty Good

Officer: What do you do at ***? and what division?

Me: I am a sysadmin I do blah blah blah blah blah
Officer: And a .........(forgets he was asking), He was very callous in my interview probably because it was a very straightforward case.
Officer: I forgot what I asking. 

Me: Division

Officer: Oh yeah what division do you work for?

Me: I work for XYZ division under ABC division
Officer: Tell me about a project you just did (and starts typing real fast)

Me: Recently I did a project under Ms. Doctor's name and it was about blah blah blah
Officer: Which division you said that again.
Me: XYZ under ABC
Officer was a little confused

I suppose he had trouble finding my departments name and I take out my badge, don't hand it over to him but just hover my finger around the name of division.

He mutters under his breath  "thank you".


He faffs about with a friend who probably guides him to my departments name

Officer: Your visa has been approved. You will get an email to pick it up early next week.


I arrived in Ottawa on the morning of Nov 20, Thursday, gave interview on Nov 21 which was a Friday and Just checked the status on Nov 24 Monday, From AP it changed to Issued and on my account on says its ready to pick up. Everything worked out well and I am having fun at Toronto and I will reach back to Ottawa on the morning of 26th Nov, Wednesday to pick up and I also have my flight at 12 pm. 6 days of absolute fun and perfect timing.


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