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Hi All,

Here is the situation. I've been waiting for my GC EB2 with PD july 2005. My wife filed her 485 as dependant on Aug 2008. No updates on our GCs. We tried making infopass and SRs, everytime they say it is under 'extended review'. I'm tired of asking USCIS and I left it there.

Now, we thought, if the below can happen.

Can she file for her own GC and use my PD, and I file as her dependant. Is that possible? Please share your thoughts.


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As far as I know, your wife may not use your PD for an application that is based on an immgrant petition where she is the primary (there is no easier way to say it). Moreover, filing another I-485 is probably not going to help her, as all of the same namechecks and reviews will have to be redone on her application. It will reset the timelive, so the USCIS will again be able to take their sweet time adjudicating.

She should create a case problem report with the CIS Ombudsman and contact your Congress Senator/Representative.

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