Is a Graduate Trainee Program eligible for a L1 visa?


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- I will be moving to the US office in April 2015 for a 9 month assignment from my company located in Switzerland (Same company, different offices)


- I am in a 2.5 year graduate trainee program and from visa definitions I see that I might be eligible for a J1 or a H3 visa.


- However, I am neither an exchange student / summer trainee nor an intern (already had a J1 visa when I was a student a while ago). The program is designed for a functional expertise within the company with leadership development for less experienced professionals.


- My question now is - will I be eligible for a L1 visa? I qualify all the requirements for the special knowledge category (L1B visa) and have been working for more than 1 year with the company. However, my contract says it is a trainee program with a defined end. (Permanent contract with the home company but only 9 months for the US office)


- Will this be a hurdle for applying for the L1B visa? I wish to continue working full time for the US office after the 9 months. If I apply for the H3 visa, which seems as the next option, I will have to go back to my home employer for atleast 6 months and only then apply for a L1B visa.


I did not find sufficient info regarding this. Kindly let me know the options I have here.




Best regards


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