Interview VISA Wavier - Help Needed On Date Question


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Hi All - 


I am trying to scheduled the interview for me and my wife for H1B and H4 respectively.

I got an option of to use interview wavier program. My wife is a clear eligible for interview wavier. however I have an answer YES to all the questions for me except one which is little confusing.


so here is my H1-B Visa Stamping History : All were stamped in India with no annotation

1. From Company A Issue Date : 27 Oct 2006 

2. From Company A Issue Date : 01 Apr 2010 

3. From Company B Issue Date : 25 Oct 2012 


Now i am trying to get the stamp from same Company B from 10 Dec 2014 to 09 Dec 2015


Confusion is for the second question below is it date of the first VISA stamped  (then i might not be eligible as it is 2006 Oct) or for the most recent VISA stamped (i will be eligible as most recent was in 2012) as second question does not have "recent" in verbiage 

  • My most recent visa was issued in India
  • I received my visa after January 1, 2008


Any help or any guidance or prior experience on similar situation will be appreciated .. 


Thanks in advance all




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