Need help with DS160 form questions


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Anyone recently filled in the form please help. My Background: I cam to the US to do Masters, and then have been on H1 after my Masters. I have has one stamping done. 


My questions:


1) Previous Travel to US: Do I need to date each and every entry to the US (Last five visits)? And regarding the length of stay during each visit, does it need to match the visa length? For example, I came on F1 (2yrs validity) and then got my H1(3yrs validity), but traveled one year into H1, so my first entry date would be when I came in on F1 visa, and the length of stay would be 3 yrs, (1 year greater than the F1 visa length, although not out of status), is that correct?


2) Have you ever held a US driver License?



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