Applying GC under EB1 (International Manager) while on Secondment to UK

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Hi - 

For the past 2 years I've been working for a Big4 accounting firm as a manager and I am currently on an H1 visa.

I have been offered a Senior Manager role in the same firm's UK office providing client services similar to the role that I currently play in the US - this is a pure secondment starting January 01, 2015. I'll have to be committed to stay with the UK firm for 2 years before returning to the US.   


I have a few questions that I am looking to get answers on:

- Can I apply for my GC immediately after 12 months of my assignment in UK (not wait for the assignment to end after two years and before actually returning to the US)?

- My current H1 expires on October 29, 2015 and by this date I would have spent all in all about 4.5 years working in the US (1.5 years on an L1B and 3 years on H1B). Would this cause any hindrance to apply for the GC from UK because after 12 months my H1B would have technically expired?

- If the answer to the first question is yes (I can apply from outside) then would I have to be physically present in the US for any event or can someone explain the steps how I can get the actual GC in my hand?  


Apologies for a lengthy note and thanks in advance to all who'd be willing to share their experiences and knowledge.



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