Re-entering on AP, online I94 different from H1B Extended I94


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Seeking urgent advice, as I will be traveling to Canda in 2 days. Thank you!


The latest date I entered US was August 15 2013, returning from home country. I entered using my then H-1B I797 and valid visa stamp. It was expiring that September, so CBP stamped and issued my I94 valid until 24 September 2013.

This is the I94 that shows up online.


Then, with a notice date of October 2nd, I got my approval notice for the H1B extension valid from 15 September 2013 to September 2016, which of course comes with the new I94. 


However, the above online I94 never got updated to reflect this new i94 from H1B extension, even to today. 


Now in 2 days Im going to Canada for a short trip of 5 days. I am planning to re-enter on Advanced Parole (AP). 


My questions, 

Am I required to drop the new original paper I94 when I leave the country? especially Because  the online I94 doesn't match my current paper one? 

(But I have seen numerous place say hold on to it for short trips across the border)


If I really have to, can I drop off a photocopy of the new paper I94, in case I need the original when I re-enter? 


When entering on AP, do I even have to worry about the above issue, about the I94s?


thank in advance,

Looking forward to your replies! 


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