Layoff after I-140 approval, I485 not filed


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There are layoffs looming in our company and I want to explore options just in case.

I am on H1B in 6th year, have EB2 I140 approved from current employer. I485 not filed as priority date not current and will not be for 2-3 years per current processing times.

What options do I have if there are layoffs:-

1) Find another job and do H1 transfer based on approved I140. How much time do I have to get another job ?

2) Can I file H1 to B2 status ? I have approved I140 which shows immigration intent?

3) My spouse in on F1 OPT, can I still transfer to F2 given that she has completed studies but will be on OPT for a year. Her employer may not file H1 for her for another year.

4) Any other viable options to maintain stay in US legally ??

Appreciate your inputs!!

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