Return travel expense after cancellation of H1B


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I was in the USA between 2003 to 2009 ( on mixed statuses, F1, OPT, H1B)

The last company that sponsored my H1B was affected during the 2009 financial crisis, and they laid me off. So, technically my H1B validity got over as soon as my employment with them was terminated. So, I returned to India. 

I recently read some articles, and rules that the company that terminates my employment has the legal obligation to relocate me back to my country ( Flight tickets, and possibly other expenses). Is this true ? If so, will I be able to ask the company to fulfill their obligation ( provided 5 years had already passed ) 


I am looking forward for your help. Thanks in advance !

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The company would have had to pay for the flight ticket for you, not for dependents, and not any other relocation expenses.

You could have filed a complaint with DOL within one year of the H1 violation.

So, that possibility is long gone.

And btw, people here and on other forums have mentioned this a long long time ago, way before 2009.

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