Visa Issued after 221g in Jamaica


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I have attended My Visa Interview on October 21st at Kingston Jamaica. My Slot was at Morning 7:00 AM. I was interviewed by a white lady who might be in the age of 35-40.


Me: Hello, Good Morning

VO: Hello, Good Morning, Ok You are heading back to US?

Me: Yes, Madam

VO: Who is your Employer?

Me: XXX Company

VO: Where is it?

Me: It is in Virginia

VO: So you stay in Virginia?

Me: No mam,  My client needs me to provide my Services at Client location So i live in Texas.

VO: What is your role?

Me: I am working as a programmer analyst

VO: What University you completed your Masters?

Me: XXX university

VO: What is your Major?

Me: Electrical Engineering

VO: Do you have a copy of your Resume?

Me: Yes mam, Gave her the copy of my Resume


She typed into her system and mentioned that My VISA application still need some administrative processing, and gave me 221g. 


She said that she will keep my Resume. Apart from that not even a single Document was asked or seen.


I Asked her how many days it will take for the Completion of the administrative processing.


She said it is happening Pretty Fast. And she gave back my Passport In-case if i wanted to leave to My Home Country.


Hotel Where i was staying there are already couple of people(They attended interview on Oct 6th and 7th) who got 221g. After My Visa Interview i came across multiple people who got 221g without any Reason.(Later We figured out that all of us have 221g during our F1 Visa). Every body who got 221g living in my Hotel left on Nov 8th Except me. Some of them attended Visa again in Hyderabad and it was approved for them. Once i heard that they got approved in Hyderabad, then i decided to attend Visa again in HYD, So booked VISA Date on DEC 10th and booked Return flight to India on Nov 22nd.


Since you cant touch US or London i had to book the ticket through(Montego Bay(Jamaica) --> Brussels(Belgium) --> Dubai --> Hyderabad) Flight from Montego Bay to Brussels is available only on Wednesday and Saturday, But you wont be finding proper connection flight in Brussels if you book on Wednesday, so you have to book on Saturday only.


In these 5 weeks i have been sending email to consulate to let me know about my status. For the first 2 weeks i got response within 5 mins saying my application is under going necessary Administrative processing, But later i didn't receive any Email from them.


On Nov 19th i received an Email from Kingston Embassy saying only with the subject line "URGENT: Please contact the US Embassy via return email". There was no body to the email. I checked my DS-160 status online and i saw update date: Nov 19th 2014(Earlier it was Oct 21 2014, the day i attended Visa). 


Then i replied to the Email saying what information you need from me along with my passport number and Full Name.


I got reply saying that "We are ready to finalize your VISA Application and Please bring in your passport on Nov 20th 11:00AM."


I Went and submitted the passport and asked "Is there any way to get back my passport by tomorrow?"


They Said you have to go to DHL for pick up and then asked when did you attend you VISA?


I mentioned the Date and She told to wait for some time and then gave me the ticket with Date Nov 21st 1:30PM to come and pick up the passport at the Embassy.


Will be picking up the passport at 1:30PM and heading back to US in the evening.



Either My Client or My Employer wasn't contacted during the Administrative processing.



Hope this Helps anyone who is waiting for 221g in Jamaica. 


Note: Persons who attended Interview on Oct 6th and 7th they didn't receive any response from the Embassy. Also If you are having 221g in F1 then you can expect 221g in H1 as well in Jamaica.









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