H1B stamping Hyderabad - No slip given But Visa Application status shows Administrative Processing


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Hi All,


   I have attended H1 B visa interview @ Hyderabad on Nov 4th 2014.  I am a full time employee in a US based Company. 


On the day of the interview, VO said my visa is approved and he took my passport. 


I have not received my passport yet :(


Till yesterday i.e., Nov 19th  on the passport tracker tool I was getting the status that 'Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate'


However today (Nov 20th) the status is  - 'There is no status update available for the passport number submitted'


The  US Travel docs call center escalated my case on Nov 17th and till now I have not received any email from US Consulate. 


Any one have the same issue?  Is this alarming?  

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Hi All,


   After sending tons of emails and calls to us travel docs call center regarding my passport tracking status, I received an email from HYDCEAC@state.gov like this - 


Dear Applicant:


Your case under processing.  This processing is mandatory and cannot be expedited.  We are unable to continue with your case until the processing is completed.


You can check the status of your case by visiting our website at ceac.state.govand type in your case number. The website is updated regularly to reflect the most recent status of your case.




Consular Analysis and Liaison Unit

U.S. Consulate General

Hyderabad, India

Email: HydCEA@state.gov


What does this Processing mean? Apart from this I have not received any other email from US Consulate for additional documentation or anything?  This status update is so vague.  Any inputs plz?   

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Hi All,


  I got my passport finally with H1 B stamp. Here is the time line for your reference. 


OFC : 03-Nov-2014

Visa Interview: 04-Nov-2014

On CEAC case status - 'Administrative Processing' till 03-Dec-2014 

CEAC case status - Issued on 04-Dec-2014 @ 12:30 PM IST

EMail received for passport pick up - 05-Dec-2014




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