Confused about Selective Service requirement.


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I am eligible for applying for Naturalization through my spouse now so I am looking into getting a citizenship. I came to US with F1 visa and then after school coverted to H1B and after marriage received a Green Card.


As I was going through the Checklist form this last item caught my attention:

If you did not register with the Selective Service and you (1) are male, (2) are 26 years old or older, and (3) lived in the United States in a status other than as a lawful nonimmigrant between the ages of 18 and 26, send A “Status Information Letter” from the Selective Service (Call 1-847-688-6888 for more information)


This is how I am interpreting it. I am male 26 years or older, live in US and have been always a lawful nonimmigrant when I was between the ages of 18 and 26, therefore I do not need to do anything. Is that a correct presumption??


Also, I'v seen some posts on whether traffic violation should be listed or not (in my case Failure to stop at a stop sign) Does that need to be listed since I am taking traffic school and the point on the license will be removed?

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At what age did you get your GC?

If you got your GC before the age of 26, then you had to register with Selective Services.

If you got your GC after turning 26, you can still get a letter from Selective Services that you didn't need to register.


As for traffic tickets, ALL moving violations have to be listed. That include speeding, a "rolling stop" like what you did, red-light violations, etc.

This has absolutely nothing to do with points on the license. USCIS doesn't care about that.

Such violations are not a big deal. USCIS is mostly concerned about things like DUI or DWI. The question is formulated in a way that people who have a DUI can not find an excuse for not listing that.

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I was 26 years 250 days when I received my GC, so I should send "Request for Status Information Letter" to Selective Service anyways to be on the safe side?


BTW thanks for your advice and insight.


They didn't ask me for the letter at the interview, but I got it, just in case.

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Hi JoeF,


I am in the same boat as you. I had arrived in this country when I was 20.5 on H1 status and got my GC when I was ~30. Can you please suggest what reason you wrote on your application for "Request for Status Information Letter"  to Selective Service for not registering ?



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