221g- visitor visa


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I recently applied for a visitor visa at the Toronto Consulate. I had my interview on 13th November. The interviewer asked me a few questions regarding my current status. I am a masters student in computer science. She then asked me my CV and asked a few questions regarding my past job profile.


Then she handed me a 221g yellow slip and asked me to submit my CV by email to them.


From what I read, getting a yellow slip is not very common while applying for a visitor visa. What could be the reason in my case? How much time does it generally take for the visa to be issued. 


Also they have my passport with them. I hope that wouldnt be an issue and they would return it in case I want it in the middle and it is taking a lot of time for the visa to be issued.


Also I submitted my CV to trtniv@state.gov. I would like to know if they send you a confirmation email that they have received the documents. I havent got any confirmation email yet. 

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