Successful Jamica Stamping


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Hi All,


Got visa approved. We went in four ppl, one had on 12th, two had on 13th and one had on 13th.



H1-H1 (Korean Guy): Approved

Basic Questions: For what visa are you here for? Are with same emplo? How long have been with this emp?




Guy1(White Guy): Approved

Q: Basic Questions + What is IT? Tell me more about IT? What lang do know and how you use them? Did you transferred Uni and why did you trans? What are roles or reponsi?


Guy2:(Korean Guy): Approved

Q: Which uni and what course? who is your emp? What you do for him? Who is your client? 



F1-H1:(WhiteGuy): 221g(DUI)

Q: Basic Questions + 221g for general physical exams.


Interviews in jamica are not easy as it was earlier but on the other side not very particular on each and every detail about client and employer. 5+ working days for getting Passport.

There are more ppl thr on these days as of my knowledge every one got approved.




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