H1b Transfer without PayStub


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Hi Jairichi,


Please help on my queries. History as under


10 March 2013 : Entered USA on H4 Visa

10 Sep 2013    : Joined College

13 Jan 2014     : COS to F1 from H4


12 Feb 2014    : Start CPT with Employer- A

01 April 2014   : H1b Filed by Employer-A


20 July 2014    : CPT over from Employer-A and Swicthed to Emploter-B on CPT


15 Oct 2014     : H1B approved for employer-A

16 Oct 2014     : Stopped CPT for employer-B


7th Nov 2014    : H1b Transfer initiated for Employer-C under premium processing.

                           (No Paystubs from Empoyer A, but from employer-B)

                           (Employer A has not yet revoked H1b petition)



1) What are the chances for H1b transfer approval?

2) If it approves will i get i94?

3) If no i94, what are the options available.








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