What class to request for visit visa


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I am helping my 52 year old aunt to apply for a US visit visa. She wants to visit/meet her first and only grandson for first time on his first birthday. Her son is a conditional PR and daughter in law is a citizen. She plans to visit for a month only as she has an unmarried daughter and teen age sons who she can not leave alone for long time(due to custom/religion) as husband works in germany. No immigrant intent. 

My question is,

Should she request a B2 or B1/B2. On internet definition of B2 say that it is both for visit and medical reasons, while B1/B2 is both for buisness and visit whatever requested and granted at POE. She need only visit visa so what should be requested for her?

Second question, are there chances of approval for her?

Both her husband in Germany and son in US can pay for her trip. who should she choose from?

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